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Expected Growth for MNIMBS

Goals MNIMBS Set For Itself At Its Beginning


Results of the Application of Nanotechnology

  • Multifunctional "Smart" Therapeutics
    • Drug/gene delivery with targeting and regulation
    • Imaging/Sensing/Response
    • Controlled Release Analgesics
  • Molecular Surgery
    • Defective gene removal
  • New Sensor Systems
    • Remote, real-time medical monitoring
    • Smart environmental monitors
  • Functional Augmentation: Improved Strength, Memory, etc.
  • Synthetic Replacement Materials
  • New Bio-inspired Materials
  • A Nanobiology certificate program that harnesses nanomedicine applications

Examples of Federal Contracts and Proposals that have been submitted from the Institute
A few examples of teams of interdisciplinary nanobiology scientists the Institute might be expected to support. All are strongly interdisciplinary and involve multiple colleges.

  • A Center for Excellence in Cancer Nanotechnology; we applied in 2005 and 2010
  • A Nanomedicine Center
  • A EFRI on bio–inspired nanomaterials
  • Training grant for biological nanotechnology at Michigan
  • Center for Optics at the Nanoscale in the Life Sciences

We continue to work on becoming the home to one or more externally funded centers.  We have already had a number of collaborative grants and contracts awarded in the areas where Nanoscience intersects with the Biological and Medical Sciences.  We list some examples of multidisciplinary funded projects here.

Sponsor: NIH-NCI                                                                             

Dates: 9/30/2005-8/31/2008

Title: Photonic Crystal Fiber Probe Fluorescence Biosensing

PI & Collaborators: James R. Baker, Jr. (PI), Thommey Thomas, Ted Norris, Jingyong Ye, Xiangyang Shi, Jolanta Kukowska-Latallo

Total Direct Costs: $768,435

Sponsor: NIH                                                                                     

Dates: 9/21/2005-7/31/2009

Title: Photonic Crystal Technology for Biomolecular Assay

PI & Collaborators: Ted Norris (PI), Jingyong Ye, James R. Baker, Jr., Thommey Thomas, Andrzej Myc

Total Direct Costs: $ $364,487

Sponsor: NIH                                                                                     

Dates: 9/29/2005-8/31/2010

Title: DNA-Linked Dendrimer Nanoparticle Systems for

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

PI & Collaborators: James R. Baker, Jr. (PI),Jolanta Kukowska-Latallo, Istvan Majoros, Mark Banaszak Holl, Theodore B. Norris, Brad Orr, Andrzej Myc, Seok Ki Choi, Baohua Huang, Thommey P. Thomas

Total Costs: $2,491,723

Sponsor: DARPA                                                                               

Dates: 7/01/2008-3/31/2012

Title: Battlefield Analgesics with Physiological Feedback

Control, Phase II

PI & Collaborators: James R. Baker, Jr. (PI), Baohua Huang, Thommey Thomas, Brent Ward, Abraham VanDerSpek, Yuehua Zhang, Seok-Ki Choi, Mark Banaszak Holl, Brad Orr

Total Direct Costs: $3,671,656

Sponsor: DOD                                                                                    

Dates: 10/15/2010-11/14/2013

Title: Nanoemulsion-Based Anti-Microbials for Protection

Against Burn and Wound Infections

PI & Collaborators: James R. Baker, Jr. (PI), Douglas M. Smith, Andrzej Myc, Paul Makidon, Mark R. Hemmila, John LiPuma

Total Costs: $1,476,040

Sponsor: NIH                                                                                     

Dates: 12/01/2007–11/30/2012

(Subcontract: U. of Wisconsin, Madison)

Title: Neuraminidase-Deficient Influenza Vaccines

with Nanoemulsions as Adjuvants

PI & Collaborators: Y. Kawaoka (PI), James R. Baker, Jr., Andrzej Myc

Total Direct Costs: $1,245,911

Sponsor: NIH                                                                                     

Dates: 8/15/2010-5/31/2014

Title: The Role of Cell Membrane Disruption in Non-Viral

Vector Oligonucleotide Delivery

PI & Collaborators: Mark M. Banaszak Holl (PI), James R. Baker, Jr., Jolanta Kukowska-Latallo, Bradford G. Orr

Total Costs: $1,732,044

Sponsor: NSF                                                                                       Dates: 9/1/2009-8/31/2012

Title: MRI: Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Resolution Electron-Beam

Lithography System for the University of Michigan

Lurie Nanofabrication Facility

PI & Collaborators: Stella W. Pang, (PI), James R. Baker, Kensall D. Wise, Pallab K., Bhattacharya, Stephen R. Forrest

Total Direct Costs: $1,700,000



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