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Expected Outcomes for MNIMBS

Build an active and vibrant multidisciplinary research team. See Organizational Chart of  people involved in selected active projects.

Results of the Application of Nanotechnology

  • Multifunctional "Smart" Therapeutics
    • Drug/gene delivery with targeting and regulation
    • Imaging/Sensing/Response
    • Controlled Release Analgesics
  • Molecular Surgery
    • Defective gene removal
  • New Sensor Systems
    • Remote, real-time medical monitoring
    • Smart environmental monitors
  • Functional Augmentation: Improved Strength, Memory, etc.
  • Bioelectronics
    • Post CMOS memory and computation
    • Optical interfaced electrical and biological systems
  • Synthetic Replacement Molecules
  • New Bio-inspired Materials
  • A Nanobiology certificate program that harnasses nanomedicine applications

Examples of Federal Contracts and Proposals Expected to Result from the Institute

A few examples of teams of interdisciplinary nanobiology scientists the Institute might be expected to support. All are strongly interdisciplinary and involve multiple colleges.

  • A Center for Excellence in Cancer Nanotechnology
  • A Nanomedicine Center
  • A MRSEC on bio–inspired nanomaterials
  • Bioelectronics at Michigan
  • Center for Optics at the Nanoscale in the Life Sciences

Five to seven years from now Michigan could be home to several externally funded centers and collaborative research groups working in the areas where Nanoscience intersects with the Biological and Medical Sciences.



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