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Structure of MNIMBS

MNIMBS is intended to be a focal point for nanomedicine at Michigan. The structure of the Institute includes:

  • An independent Institute with centralized facilities and core resources enabling interdisciplinary teams of faculty to collaborate on nanomedicine applications.

  • A consortium of faculty groups from across the colleges and research units of the university. These faculty

    • Represent a wide range of areas related to nanoscience and technology

    • Maintain their primary appointments in their various schools and units

    • Receive support from the Institute
  • A Director
  • An Administrative Core
  • A University of Michigan Executive Board drawn from faculty in the schools to

    • Provide policy guidance to the MNIMBS Director, particularly in long-term planning, and in development and implementation of strategies designed to foster and coordinate interdisciplinary research within the University.

    • Advise the Director on personnel matters including recruitment, establishment of new positions, annual review, promotion or termination of primary research staff and faculty with joint appointments.  New appointments must be approved by vote of the Board.

    • Assist Director in arranging joint appointments, teaching responsibilities, and other interactions of the MNIMBS staff with the academic departments.

    • Appoint such standing and ad hoc committees as it deems necessary to provide advice and guidance on policy matters relating to MNIMBS operations.  Creation of all committees will be accompanied by written charges of specific responsibilities.  Standing committees have one-year, renewable terms of service.

    • Advise and assist the Director in acquiring funds, both internal and external, for support of MNIMBS research in general, and for the Rackham Certificate program in Nanotechnology.

    • Review the MNIMBS budget and its administration, at least once annually, assisting the Director in identifying and addressing both funding problems and opportunities.

    • Assist the Associate Director in identifying and implementing curricular changes and advise them regarding formal reviews by and recommendations of the Rackham Graduate School.
  • An External Scientific Advisory Board to
    • This Board is non-governing, but provides insights and support on how to improve the MNIMBS.  This Board meets once per 1-1.5 years and its responsibilities include:

      • Annual review of programs and overall progress towards goals;

      • Advise the MNIMBS Director of program strengths and perceived weaknesses;

      • Assist in identifying new directions of research and translational opportunities;

      • Evaluate the success of project development programs;

      • Assess the overall effectiveness of the MNIMBS administration and organization. 

      The External Advisory Board is an important enhancement to MNIMBS by bringing an outside perspective to the MNIMBS evaluation process that capitalizes on the extensive research and entrepreneurial backgrounds of the External Advisory Board members. 

  • A Non-Scientific Advisory Group

    • Nationally recognized experts who bring unique knowledge and skills in areas ranging from technology to business, which complement the knowledge and skills of the formal board members in order to more effectively govern the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences

    Advisory Group Members

    Jim Adox, MS, MBA, Managing Director, Venture Investors       

    Mr. Adox is Managing Director of VentureInvestors, LLC and heads up their Ann Arbor, Michigan office.  His expertise is in venture capital and medical devices. He leverages his technical, operational and venture capital background by focusing on investment prospects in hardware, software, communications and medical devices. Mr. Adox has extensive operating experience both domestically and internationally, in marketing, engineering, business development and operations. He currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Incept BioSystems, Tissue Regeneration Systems and the Frankel Commercialization Fund, a pre-seed investment fund at the University of Michigan. Mr. Adox earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA with High Distinction, all from the University of Michigan.

    Lindsay Aspegren, MBA, Partner North Coast Ventures

    Mr. Aspegren’s expertise is in new business development. Lindsay Aspegren is a co-founder and general partner of North Coast Technology Investors, LP, a venture capital firm which was founded in 1999 with $135 million in capital under management. Mr. Aspegren is a founder and active investor in early stage companies including Virtela Technology Services, Inc., Gema Diagnostics, Inc. and Fulcrum Composites, Inc., among others. He is also a member of the Investment Review Boards of the Frankel Commercialization Fund, Michigan State Pre-Seed Fund and the Michigan Pre-Seed Fund. Mr. Aspegren is a graduate of Yale University and the London School of Economics where he earned a BA in Economic History. He received his MBA from the Harvard Business School.


    Hamilton Chang, MBA                                          

    Mr. Chang’s expertise is in asset management/investment placement for a diverse group of clients. A Finance professional for 20 years, Hamilton Chang has built a reputation of sound, independent, and pragmatic advice. Over these past two decades, Hamilton Chang has led groups specializing in risk management for Fortune 100 type companies, investment banking for not-for-profit/municipal entities, structured/derivative products, and tax-exempt bond trading. He has personally advised on billions of dollars of financings and structures and also personally risk managed billions of dollars for large institutions. His clients have ranged from some of the largest companies across the globe, to established not-for profits in communities across the nation, to entrepreneurs developing fledgling projects across the spectrum (from bio-methane to waterparks). 

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