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Joe Krajcik, PhD – Science Education

Professor of Education, School of Education and Director Academic Program, IDEA Institute, College of Literature, Science and the Arts

SOE-Educational Studies - Faculty and Staff

School of Education - Faculty and Staff

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College of Lit, Science & Arts - Faculty and Staff

School Of Education
1323 SEB
SPG 1259


Dr. Krajcik works with science teachers and in science classrooms to support students’ learning of important science ideas and practices by creating learning environments in which students find solutions to important intellectual questions, explore phenomena, collaborate with each other, and use learning tools. He examines the depth of student understanding that develops in these environments, as well as explores and finds solutions to challenges that teachers face in enacting such complex instruction. He works on the design, development and testing of the next generation of middle school curriculum materials to engage students in obtaining deep understanding of science content and practices. He works with science educators such as MNIMBS students who earn their teaching certificate to promote scientific literacy globally.



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