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Roya Lahiji, PhD

Assistant Research Scientist

Department of Physics and Chemistry

109 Zina Pitcher Dr.
University of Michigan
Tel# 734-615-2139

Dr. Roya Lahiji is an Assistant Research Scientist at the Physics Department at the University of Michigan. She earned her MSc in Physics-Nanotechnology in 2006 and her PhD in 2008 form Purdue University. Her dissertation focused on studies of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) for biomedical, mechanical and electrical applications using atomic force microscopy (AFM). During her PhD studies Roya collaborated with the department of medicinal chemistry to study the interaction of single stranded DNA conjugated with SWCNTs as a means from drug delivery. Also she collaborated with the US Forest Services in the study of cellulose nanocrystals using AFM to investigate their mechanical and physical properties (ex. modulus, adhesion, size and shape). In 2009 she joined the University of Alberta and National Institute for Nanotechnology, Canada, as a post-doctoral fellow where she worked on characterization of the mechanical properties of nanomaterials as well as the electrical transport properties of the molecular layers on flat carbon and gold films. Roya’s areas of expertise are on AFM, materials characterization and surface science, cellulose nanocrystals, carbon nanotubes, molecular electronics, drug delivery and nanocomposites.

She is currently working on the development of microfluidic patch-clamp techniques for measurement of biological membrane disruption. She is investigating the interaction of nanoparticles with lipid layers, cell membranes and cells. Also she is collaborating with groups within U of M and from other universities to study cell interaction with different environments with the goal of targeted drug delivery. 



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