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Theodore B. Norris, Ph.D.

Theodore B. Norris, Ph.D.
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


Theodore Norris, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan and is Director of the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science in the College of Engineering. He received his B.A. in Physics (with highest honors) from Oberlin College in 1982, and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Rochester in 1989, with a dissertation on time-resolved tunneling in semiconductor heterostructures. He continued his investigations of time-resolved optical studies of semiconductors at Thomson-CSF in France from 1989-1990. From 1990-1992, he was an Assistant Research Scientist at the Ultrafast Optical Science Laboratory of the University of Michigan, and in 1992 joined the EECS faculty.

His research interests include the application of femtosecond optical techniques to the physics of nanostructures, the development of new ultrafast optical and electronic probes with high spatial resolution for applications to semiconductor nanostructures and biological imaging, the application of ultrafast optics to biomedical imaging, in vivo sensing, and cancer therapeutics, the generation of THz radiation, and nanoacoustic imaging with picosecond coherent phonon pulses.   This work has appeared in over 120 journal and 180 conference publications.    He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America, Fellow of the American Physical Society, and a member of IEEE.

His work in MNIMBS is focused on the application of ultrafast lasers to enable novel approaches to sensing and imaging in vivo, and the development of dendrimer-nanoparticle-based optical imaging. Recent technological developments include the development of a two-photon optical fiber fluorescence (TPOFF) probe for highly sensitive and quantitative in vivo fluorescence sensing, and the development of two- photon in vivo cytometry for monitoring circulating cancer cells.



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