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Xue-min Cheng, Ph.D.

Xue-min Cheng, Ph.D.
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and MNIMBS


Dr. Cheng earned her B.S. degree in Organic Chemistry at Peking University, Peking, China in 1982. She was selected through a series of vigorous tests as one of forty students in the first CGP (Chemistry Graduate Program) group to attend graduate school in the United States under the sponsorship of both the Chinese and the US Governments. She earned her Ph.D. degree in 1987 in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. Her dissertation work was directed by Professor Alan Kozikowski and was focused on new methodology development in heterocyclic chemistry and their applications in the synthesis of natural products. She continued her organic chemistry research as a post doctoral fellow working with Professor E.C. Taylor at Princeton University for a brief period before moving to Harvard University where she worked with Nobel laureate, Professor E.J. Corey. Her research at Harvard was focused on exploring practical applications of the CBS reduction in organic synthesis. She started her professional career as a Senior Scientist at Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research in June 1990. Being a medicinal chemist in the cardiovascular section, Dr. Cheng was involved in several discovery projects targeting cardiovascular diseases. She took on a project leadership role in 1993 as the chemistry group leader for the Endothelin project and soon became the co-chair for one of the largest projects in Parke-Davis. Under her leadership and through solid team effort, Parke-Davis established its leading position in the Endothelin project in pharmaceutical industry with two compounds being advanced to clinical development. From 1998 to 2000, Dr. Cheng worked in the metabolic disease area focusing on discovery of PPARg agonists to treat type II diabetes and on a MC-4 agonist project for obesity. She was the leading chemist and project leader for both projects. She also worked on a renin project during different periods, developing prodrugs for the peptidic inhibitors and small molecule inhibitors for the treatment of hypertension. Most recently, she worked on the Statin plus project aiming to develop a Lipitor back-up with a superior side effect profile. Two compounds, designed and synthesized by Dr. Cheng, were advanced for clinical development. Dr. Cheng joined the Department of Internal Medicine and the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences in October 2006. Her work focuses on development of more effective targeted cancer therapeutics utilizing effective linker strategies as well as on improvements in controlled release of analgesics. In March 2008, she joined a newly formed company,



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