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2005 Publications

Mecke A, Majoros IJ, Patri AK, Baker JR Jr, Banaszak Holl MM, Orr BG. Lipid Bilayer Disruption by Polyamidoamine Dendrimers:  The Role of Generation and Capping Group. Langmuir. 2005 Nov 8;21(23):10348-54.

Balogh LP, Ganser TR, Shi X: Characterization of Dendrimer–Gold Nanocomposite Materials. Mater.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc., 2005:847 (PDF 275kb)

Choi YS, Thomas T, Kotlyar A, Islam MT, Baker JR, Jr.: Synthesis and Functional Evalution of DNA–Assembled Polyamidoamine Dendrimer Clusters for Cancer Cell–Specific Targeting. Chemistry & Biology, 2005:(12). (PDF 495kb)

Choi YS, Baker JR, Jr.: Targeting Cancer Cells with DNA–Assembled Dendrimers:  A Mix and Match Strategy for Cancer. Cell Cycle, 2005:4(5), 669–671. (PDF 78kb)

Hessler JA, Budor A, Putchakayala K, Mecke A, Rieger D, Banaszak Holl M, Orr B: Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Early Morphological Changes during Apoptosis. Langmuir, 2005:21, 9280–9286. (PDF 372kb)

Islam M, Majoros IJ, Baker JR Jr.:  HPLC Analysis of PAMAM dendrimer based multifunctional devices.  Journal of Chromatography B, 822, 2005:21–26. (PDF 284kb)

Islam M, Shi X, Balogh L, Baker JR Jr.: HPLC Separation of Different Generations of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers Modified with Various Terminal Groups.  Anal. Chem., 2005:77, 2063–2070. (PDF 202kb)

Kukowska–Latallo J, Candido KA, Cao Z, Nigavekar SS, Majoros IJ, Thomas TP, Balogh LP, Khan MK, Baker JR, Jr.: Nanoparticle targeting of anticancer drug improves therapeutic response in animal model of human epithelial cancer. Cancer Research, 2005:65(12), 5317–5324. (PDF 446kb)

Lesniak W, Bielinska A, Sun K, Janczak K, Shi X, Baker JR, Jr., Balogh, LP: Silver⁄Dendrimer Nanocomposites as Biomarkers: Fabrication, Characterization, in vitro Toxicity, and Intracellular Detection. Nano Letters, 2005:5, 2123–2130. (PDF 622kb)

Lesniak W, Shi X, Bielinska A, Janczak K, Sun K, Baker JR Jr., Balogh L: Labeling Cells with Silver/Dendrimer Nanocomposites. Materials Research Society. Symp. Proc. Vol. 845, 2005. (PDF 870kb)

Majoros I, Thomas TP, Mehta CB, Baker JR, Jr.: Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimer–Based Multifunctional engineered Nanodevice for Cancer Therapy. J Med Chem, 2005:48, 5892–5899. (PDF 387kb)

Mecke A, Lee D, Ramamoorthy A, Orr B, Banaszak Holl M: Membrane Thinning Due to Antimicrobial Peptide Binding: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of MSI–78 in Lipid Bilayers. Biophysical Journal, 2005U89, 4043–4050 (PDF 200kb)

Mecke A, Lee D, Ramamoorthy A, Orr B, Banaszak Holl M: Synthetic and Natural Polycationic Polymer Nanoparticles Interact Selectively with Fluid–Phase Domains of DMPC Lipid Bilayers.Langmuir, 2005:21, 8588–8590. (PDF 312kb)

Mecke A, Majoros IJ, Patri AK, Baker JR, Jr.: Lipid bilayer Distruption by Polycationic Polymers: The Roles of Size and Chemical Functional Group. Langmuir, 2005:21, 10348–10354. (PDF 343kb)

Mezosi E, Wang SH, Utsugi S, Bajnok L, Bretz JD, Gauger PG, Thompson NW, Baker JR, Jr.: Induction and Regulation of Fas–Mediated Apoptosis in Human Thyroid Epithelial Cells. Molecular Endocrinology, 2005:19(3), 804–811. (PDF 621kb)

Patri AK, Kukowska–Latallo JF, Baker JR, Jr.: Targeted drug delivery with dendrimers: Comparison of the release kinetics of covalently conjugated drug and non covalent drug inclusion complex. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2005:57, 2203–2214.(PDF 672kb)

Shi X, Banyai I, Islam MT, Lesniak W, Davis DZ, Baker JR, Jr., Balogh LP: Generational, Skeletal and Substitutional Diversities in Generation One Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers. Polymer, 2005:(46), 3022–3034. (PDF 940kb)

Shi X, Banyai I, Lesniak W, Islam MT, Orszagh I, Balogh P, Baker JR, Jr., Balogh LP: Capillary electrophoresis of polycationic poly(amidoamine) dendrimers. Electrophoresis, 2005:26, 2949–2959. (PDF 536kb)

Shi X, Majoros I, Baker JR, Jr.: Capillary Electrophoresis of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers: From Simple Derivatives to Complex Multifunctional Medical Nanodevices. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2005:2(4), 278–294. (PDF 462kb)

Shi X, Patri A, Lesniak W, Islam MT, Xhang C, Baker JR, Jr., Balogh LP: Analysis of poly(amidoamine)–succinamic acid dendrimers by slab–gel electrophoresis and capillary zone electrophoresis. Electrophoresis, 2005:26, 2960–2967. (PDF 244kb)

Shi X, Wang SH, Chen X, Meshinchi S, Baker JR, Jr.: Encapsulation of Submicrometer–Sized 2–Methoxyestradiol Crystals into Polymer Multilayer Capsules for Biological Applications. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2005:3(2), 144–151. (PDF 529kb)

Shukla R, Thomas T, Peters J, Kotlyar A, Myc A, Baker JR, Jr: Tumor angiogenic vasculature targeting with PAMAM dendrimer–RGD conjugates. Chem. Commun., 2005:5739–5741. (PDF 371kb)

Thomas TP, Majoros IJ, Kotlyar A, Kukowska–Latallo JK, Bielinska AB, Myc A, Baker, JR, Jr.: Targeting and Inhibition of Cell Growth by an Engineered Dendritic Nanodevice. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2005:48(11), 3729–3735. (PDF 264kb)

Wang SH, Cao Z, Wolf JM, Van Antwerp M, Baker JR, Jr.: Death Ligand Tumor Necrosis Factor–Related Apoptosis–Inducing Ligand Inhibits Experimental Autoimmune Thyroiditis.  Endocrinology, 2005:146(11), 4721–4726. (PDF 397kb)


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