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2006 Publications

Wang SH, Baker Jr. JR: Apoptosis in Thyroid Cancer. In Thyroid Cancer: A comprehensive guide to clinical management, 2nd Edition, edited by: L. Wartofsky and D. Van Nostrand, Human Press,Totowa, New Jersey, 2006.

Lee H, Baker JR Jr, Larson RG. Molecular dynamics studies of the size, shape, and internal structure of 0% and 90% acetylated fifth-generation polyamidoamine dendrimers in water and methanol. J Phys Chem B 110:4014-4019, 2006.

Wang SH, Baker JR Jr. Targeting B cells in Graves’ Disease. Endocrinology 147(10):4559-60, 2006.

Owens T, Nicholson K, Fosnacht D, Orr BG, Banaszak Holl MM. Formation of mixed monolayers of silsesquioxanes and alkylsilanes on gold. Langmuir 2006;22(23):9619-9622.

Cho BS, Roelofs KJ, Majoros IJ, Baker JR Jr, Stanley JC, Henke PK, Upchurch GR Jr. Diffusion of Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated dendrimers in rat aortic tissue. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1085:294-305, 2006.

Shi X, Wang S, Chen X, Meshinchi S, Baker JR Jr. Encapsulation of submicrometer-sized 2-methoxyestradiol crystals into polymer multilayer capsules for biological applications. Mol Pharm. 2006 Mar-Apr;3(2):144-51.

Hong S, Hessler J, Banaszak Holl M, Leroueil P, Mecke A, Orr B: Physical interactions of nanoparticles with biological membranes: The observation of nanoscale hole formation.Chemical Health & Safety, 2006:16–20. (PDF 526kb)

Hong S, Leroueil P, Janus E, Peters J, Kober M, Islam MT, Orr B, Baker JR, Jr., Banaszak Holl M: Interaction of Polycationic Polymers with Supported Lipid Bilayers and Cells: Nanoscale Hole Formation and Enhanced Membrane Permeability. Bioconjugate Chem., 2006:17(3), 728–734. (PDF 310kb)

Majoros I, Myc A, Thomas T, Mehta CB, Baker JR, Jr.: PAMAM Dendrimer–Based multifunctional Conjugate for Cancer Therapy: Synthesis, Characterization, and Functionality. Biomacromolecules, 2006:7, 572–579. (PDF 369kb)

Shi X, Banyai I, Rodrigues K, Islam MT, Lesniak W, Balogh P, Balogh LP, Baker JR, Jr.: Electrophoretic mobility and molecular distribution studies of poly(amidoamine) dendrimers of defined charges. Electrophoresis, 2006:27, 1758–1767. (PDF 377kb)

Shi X, Bi X, Ganser TR, Hong S, Myc LA, Desai A, Banaszak Holl MM, Baker JR, Jr.: HPLC analysis of functionalized poly(amidoamine) dendrimers and the interaction between a folate–dendrimer conjugate and folate binding protein. Analyst, 2006:131, 842–848. (PDF 276kb)

Shi X, Ganser TR, Sun K, Balogh LP, Baker JR, Jr.: Characterization of crystalline dendrimer–stabilized gold nanoparticles. Nanotechnology, 2006:17, 1072–1078. (PDF 1,006kb)

Shi X, Lesniak W, Islam MT, MuNiz M, Balogh LP, Baker JR, Jr.: Comprehensive characterization of surface–functionalized poly(amidoamine) dendrimers with acetamide, hydroxyl, and carboxyl groups. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem Eng. Aspects 272(1–2), 2006:139–150. (PDF 410kb)

Shi X, Majoros IJ, Patri AK, Bi X, Islam MT, Desai A, Rose Ganser T, Baker JR, Jr.: Molecular heterogeneity analysis of poly(amidoamine) dendrimer–based mono– and multifunctional nanodevices by capillary electrophoresis. Analyst, 2006:131, 374–381. (PDF 379kb)

Shi, X, Sun K, Balogh L, Baker JR, Jr.: Synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of dendrimer–stabilized iron sulfide nanoparticles. Nanotechnology, 2006:17, 4554–4560. (PDF 783kb)

Shukla R, Thomas T, Peters J, Desai A, Kukowska–Latallo J, Patri A, Kotlyar A, Baker JR, Jr.: HER2 Specific Tumor Targeting with Dendrimer Conjugated Anti–HER2 mAb.American Chemical Society, 2006. (PDF 845kb)

Thomas P, Ye JY, Yang C, Myaing M, Majoros IJ, Kotlyar A, Cao Z, Norris TB, Baker JR, Jr.: Tissue distribution and real–time fluorescence measurement of a tumor–targeted nanodevice by a two photon optical fiber fluorescence probe. Proc. of SPIE, 2006:6095, 1–7. (PDF 197kb)

Tkaczyk E, Mignot A, Ye J, Majoros I, Baker JR, Jr., Norris T:  Increasing two–photon fluorescence signals by coherent control. Proc. of SPIE, 2006:6089, 608910–1–608910–10. (PDF 1,269kb)

Tse C, Zohdy M, Ye J, O'Donnell M: Subsurface photodisruption in pig skin as monitored by high–frequency ultrasound. Proc. of SPIE, 2006:6086, 1–9.
(PDF 314kb)

Wang SH, Arscott P, Wu P, Baker JR, Jr.: No Apparent Damage in the Tyroid of Transgenic Mice Expressing Antiapoptotic FLIP. Thyroid, 2006:16(1), 1–8.
(PDF 158kb)

Zohdy M, Tse C, Ye J, O'Donnell M: Optical and Acoustic Detection of Laser–Generated Microbubbles in Single Cells. IEEE, 2006:53(1), 117–125. (PDF 1,219kb)




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