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About M-NIMBS - Graduate Students


Program Director and Instructor:
Professor Brad Orr 

Professor of Physics, Chair, Department of Physics, College of LSA
Associate Director, Michigan Nanotechnology Inst for Medicine & Biological Sciences

Program Members (department): 

Huai-Ning Chang (Mechanical Engineering)

Frederico Gottardo (Chemistry)

Ming-Hsin Li,( Biomedical Engineering)

Leshern Karamchand (Chemical Biology)

Paul Dibyadeep (Mechanical Engineering)

Mostafa Rezaie (Biomedical Engineering)

Erika Cline (Cellular & Molec Biology)
Meredith Brenner (Applied Physics)
Wenyi Cai (Chemistry)
Jiumei Chen (Chemistry)
Remy Elbez (Applied Physics)
Ming Fang (Chemistry)
Di Gao (Chemistry)
Alexander Hrin (Biophysics)
Paivo Kinnunen (Applied Physics)
Shelly Leung (Program in Biomedical Sciences)
Rebecca Matz (Chemistry)
Rahul Rattan (Biomedical Engineering)
Laura Devon Triplett (Applied Physics)

Certificate Alumni:
Christopher Kelly (postdoctoral researcher, Cornell)
Paul Makidon (Director of Vaccine Development, MNIMBS) 
Daniel McNerny (Chemical Engineering)
Douglas Mullen (Macromolecular Science and Engineering)
Yunbo Guo (Electrical Engineering)

Ajdin Kavara, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2010

L. Devon Triplett, MS. Applied Physics, 2011

Eric Tkaczyk, MD/PhD program with Nanobiology certificate program, 2010

Pascale R. Leroueil, Ph.D. Chemistry with Nanobiology certificate program, 2008

Kevin Landmark, Ph.D., Applied Physics, 2008

Song Ge, Ph.D., Physics, 2008

Blake Erickson, Ph.D., Biophysics with Nanobiology certificate, 2010







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