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Undergraduate Students and Short-Term Graduate Students

MNIMBS Experience for Undergrads:

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the Institute, students' experiences in the lab are always unique as can be seen below. In the adjuvant vaccine lab, students will learn sterile techniques, tissue culture, ELISA, microscopy, flow cytometry, virology, immunology, microbiology, etc.  Students involved with targeted drug delivery may learn about tissue culture with a variety of cell lines, XTT assays and other cytotoxicity techniques. For those involved with the chemistry side, they will learn how to handle corrosive, anhydrous, toxic and flammable materials. Student will learn about synthesis and conjugation as well as chemical techniques such as column chromatography, thin layer chromatography, gel electrophoresis, vacuuming, infrared spectroscopy, etc. Students may learn analytical chemistry skills such as UPLC, HPLC, GPC, Mass specrometry, NMR.

Students can work as work study, course study, volunteer, intern or as temporary employee. Some students come in through the UROP program, other students may be in their last year of High School but most are in College. To express your interest in a laboratory work experience, email with your statement of interest, availabity, start time and expected duration. Attach your resume with relevant course work experience listed.

This listing also includes Medical Students who do a Summer Biomedical Sciences Research Program in our lab.

Nanotechnology/nanoscience-specific summer program opportunities for undergrads:

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network hosts a research experience for Undergraduates

Undergraduate nanoscience research at Northwestern University

UW-Madison Research Experience for Undergraduates in Nanotechnology


Current Students:

Alexa Coulter is an undergraduate in LS&A majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She has assisted Dr. Myc with his work pertaining to nano-emulsions and their behavior in cells. She plans on graduating in 2014 and looks forward to pursuing a career in the medical field.


Elizabeth Fisk is an undergraduate in LS&A. She plans to graduate in 2014 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and a minor in creative writing, and from there to go to a veterinary school. She started as a UROP student and worked in the MNIMBS first with Dr. Dmitry Isakov and the past 2 years with Dr. Jessica O'Konek. She has done work with both in vitro and in vivo studies of cancer-targeting drugs, in vivo vaccine studies, and microscopy. This year she has been working on a project surveying, via immunohistochemical techniques, the changes in cell populations during RSV infection after immunization with several different adjuvants.


Juhi Rattan is currently an undergraduate sophomore in the college of the Literature, Sciences and Arts. She plans to major in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. Currently, Juhi is working under Dr. Seok Ki Choi and Dr. Jhindan Mukherjee at MNiMBS as a lab attendant. She assists with the operation of High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Gel Permeation Chromatography, and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography devices used to analyze the structures of dendrimers and drugs. Juhi plans on graduating in 2016 and hopes to go to Medical School.


Ali Hassani will graduate in 2014 with degrees in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and pure mathematics. He hopes to eventually go to Stanford for an MD PhD with a dissertation focused on characterizing neural systems as non-linear feedback control systems. He will first work a yearto gain further experience. At MNIMBS he has beeninvestigating how nano-emulsion enhances the trafficking between epithelial and antigen presenting cells, and how nano-emulsion upregulates the FC gamma receptor on antigen presenting cells. In addition, he helps the laboratory with data input and general maintenance tasks.

Kishan Sutariya is an undergrad in LS&A, studying Pre-Business. He works with the MNIMBS scientists and staff and supports their information technology needs. He graduates in May 2014 and will work in industry.

Kenny Tang is a Health science major,started with us as a UROP student with mentor: Seok Ki Choi, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, MNIMBS. He works on design and evaluation of novel linkers that can be cleaved by UV irradiation at longer wavelength (400-500 nm).


Kristina Gam is a sophomore pursuing a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Latin. Her research with Dr. Seok Ki Choi focuses on dendrimer-based drug delivery of antibiotics. Her main duties include UV-Vis spectroscopy and SPR (surface plasmon resonance) analysis. After her graduation in 2016, she hopes to go to medical school.


Ryan Tsuchida earned his B.S. in Psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. In 2012 he moved to Ann Arbor to begin a one year research fellowship with Dr. Goonewardena before starting medical school at the University of Michigan as part of the entering class of 2013. His work with Dr. Goonewardena and MNIMBS is primarily focused on the intersection between innate immunity and cardiovascular diseases along with the utilization of dendrimer technology to elucidate unknown mechanisms and provide a framework for potential therapeutics.


Sean Yanik has worked this past year Dr. Choi on releasing doxorubicin from a dox-ONB-dendrimer conjugate upon emission of light using upconversion nanonparticles,which emit UV light upon absorption of IR light, and photocaging molecules. He is a freshman and attended high school at the University of Detroit Jesuit. He is currently undecided but thinking about majoring in neuroscience or chemistry with a possible minor in Spanish. He will graduate Spring 2017.

Former Students

Gi-Hyeon Lee, BBA earned his undergrad at Eastern Michigan University in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems in December  2010. He performs advanced Access database manegement and computer support duties for MNIMBS.

Steven Walker will graduate in 2014 in an Engineering field. He is currently a Senior undergrad in Materials Science and Engineering. He worked an assistant in the MNIMBS analytical chemistry laboratory and worked primarily with High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Gel Permeation Chromatography devices. His work mainly involved the preparation and analysis of samples. 

Pawan K Tahiliani works with Dr. Sascha Goonewardena and will be doing systems biology/computational biology starting Fall 2011. He has come to the lab from time to time to learn about the work and to help with softwares and such. Pawan majors in Computer Science at the University of Michigan with a minor in Molecular Biology.

Elaine Meinzer  majored in Sociology and German and graduated in 2012. Elaine now works as administrative assistant intermediate at the MNIMBS providing significant administrative and logistics support to our faculty and staff. She does a Masters of Science and Accounting with a focus on accounting in the evening program at Eastern Michigan University.


Arya Ahmady is an undergraduate student in LSA expecting to graduate in 2015. He is pursuing a dual major in Neuroscience and German and plans on attending medical school to specialize in either neurology or psychiatry. Throughout the year he has assisted Ali Hassani in Dr. Smith's lab with determining the effects of nano-emulsion on cell uptake and signaling.


Katie Long attended Greenhills High School in Ann Arbor. Working in the MNIMBS lab in the summer of 2010 and 2011, she reproduced and expanded uptake data on a number of familiar and new nano emulsions to determine their behavior with cells alone, and with the introduction of antigen. In the Fall 2011, Katie will be attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD to study Biomedical Engineering after which she plans to attend medical school.

Veronica Choe is a rising senior studying Chemistry at University of Michigan and will graduate in May 2014. She wants to study nutrition and food science in hopes to create economical and nutritious foods, then possibly teach chemistry. She has worked with Dr. Choi for one and a half years and will be working with him again this summer after a one semester break. Recently, they published a paper titled, “Synthesis of A Photocaged Tamoxifen for Light-dependent Activation of Cre-ER Recombinase-driven Gene Modification” in Chemical Communications.

Xisui Chen majored in History and graduated in 2011 Her research focuses on the layer-by-layer self assembly of anti-cancer drugs to improve their solubility and cell viability. She has worked in the MNIMBS lab for about five years. She now attend Uof M medical school.

Mark Andreae worked in the MNIMBS adjuvant vaccine lab where he learns learn sterile techniques, tissue culture, ELISA, microscopy, etc.

Daniel Hassing is an undergraduate student who gained experience in chemical synthesis and conjugation in the MNIMBS labs.

Trent Rook, BS is a Neuroscience Major, Medical Anthropology Minor and will start Medical School in 2011. He has worked on the Burkholderia Cepacia study on outer membrane proteins, along with some help in the ongoing Hepatitis B. studies. He learns learn sterile techniques, tissue culture, ELISA, microscopy as well as in vivo study techniques. He will start medical schools in the fall of 2011. Trent is now off to Medical School at Penn State. We are happy for him.

Yilun Zhu will graduate in 2013. He has been involved with in vitro work first and then gained experience in chemical synthesis and conjugation of controlled release drug technology.

Hassan Awada graduated in May 2009 with a BSE. During his undergrad he worked in the chemistry lab on production of different generations of dendrimers for cancer therapeutics. He learned a number of chemical techniques as well as to handle different chemicals. He now works as a Biomedical Engineer at the FDA- Center for Devices and Radiological health. He plans to start graduate school in September 2011.

Whitney Hovan, MS worked in the MNIMBS vaccine lab for three years during her undergraduate as well as MS degree in engineering. She led a group whose idea involves creating a medical device that would improve blood-clot removal in stroke victims. The group won the “health” category. She now works at QRLP (Quality Regulatory Leadership Program) at GE Healthcare in the greater Milwaukee area.

Bradley Liang, MSE earned his undergrad in Electrical Engineering and his MSE in Biomedical Engineering. He now works as a Senior Systems Engineer in glucose sensors R&D at Medtronic, Inc.  He worked at MNIMBS on targeted uptake of G5 dendrimer conjugates in cancer cells via the epidermal growth factor receptor. He worked on technologies that were related to his degree program, such as TPOFF (two-photon optical fiber fluorescence) probe experiments conducted in the CUOS lab in Engineering.

Po-Yuan Hsiao (Robert), BS earned his BS in December 2009. He worked in the MNIMBS lab for a year and now is a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University per 2010. He worked on biological experiments as well as "One-Pot" Synthesis & MTX Targeting with G5 Conjugates.  This in addition to attending and presenting at lab meetings has provided him with a broad multidisciplinary experience.

Anna Karpov will graduate in 2012 in Biochemistry. She works on synthesizing dendrimers and attaching cancer-targeting drugs to them. She would like to become an M.D/Ph.D. and apply for Doctors Without Borders.

Jimmy Li will graduate in 2013 in Biophysics. His research focuses on jetPEI-facilitated transfection of 293A cells. He aims to pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and conduct research on drug delivery mechanisms. He has left the MNIMBS in July 2010

Meghan Liroff
Department of Chemistry

Meghan Liroff was undergraduate pre-medical student at the University of Michigan pursuing her B.A. in Women's Studies. Under the guidance of the Banaszak Holl-Orr Lab and Ph.D. candidate Chris Kelly, her MNIMBS work concerned an undergraduate nanomedicine apllication in the form of the study of the complex interactions between model phospholipid membranes and dendrimers as studied by isothermal titration calorimetry.

Emilee Byrne

Undergraduate Student, Neuroscience and Spanish

Emilee studied Neuroscience and Spanish and was with the Banaszak-Holl group for two years, working with Ph.D. candidate Doug Mullen on the synthesis and characterization of functionalized PAMAM dendrimers as targeted drug delivery agents.



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