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Syllabus - 2011


                                SEMINAR SERIES

            Physics 517, cross lisings Biophysics 517, Applied Physics 517

                                                 Fall 2011

Class will be Mondays noon till 1:00 pm

Room: 4404 Randall Lab


Instructor: Dr. Dan McNerny (

We are preparing an exciting series of speakers and will post details as soon as we have them ready.








Winter 2011

Room: 4515 BSRB

Time: Mondays, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

THIS IS NOW: Physics 517 Nanobiology Certificate Seminar

Instructor: Dr. Dan McNerny (

The Nanobiology Certificate Program aims to integrate students from a number of existing graduate programs within this interdisciplinary research structure and thereby to provide a coherent strategy for educating students more broadly in nanobiology while still maintaining intellectual depth in a core discipline.

The key features of the training program will be the breadth of the required course work, a requirement for multidisciplinary research experience, and the creation of a new student-led seminar program. They are:

  • Complete a nanoscience class within his or her Ph.D. area (3 credits).
  • Complete two nanoscience classes outside of his or her specific Ph.D. area (6 credits)
  • Perform collaborative research in a second laboratory or with a second research group
  • Attend APPPHYS514-099 seminar series (2 credits/semester, 3 semesters)   THIS IS NOW: Physics 517 Nanobiology Certificate Seminar

Required Seminar:

In order to ensure intellectual cohesion and exchange of knowledge between students within the training program, a research seminar will be required.


Goals for seminar:

  • Professors discussing basic science research and clinical translation
  • Academic and industrial career related
  • Tools for multidisciplinary research (effective communication skills, CV/research plan)
  • Advanced students will present their research


Seminar Schedule Winter 2011:

2/14, 12PM, Location TBA

Prof. Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska, Dept. of Pathology

"Design and Development of small molecules as new molecularly targeted therapies for cancer"

2/21, 5PM, 4515 BSRB

Dr. Paul Makidon, MNIMBS

3/14, 12PM, Location TBA

MNIMBS Monthly meeting, speaker TBA

3/28, 5PM, 4515 BSRB

Prof. Angela Violi, Chemical/Mechanical Engineering

4/4, 5PM, 4515 BSRB

Prof. Xudong (Sherman) Fan, Biomedical Engineering

4/11     12 PM

Andrew Maynard, Director of Risk Science Center

"Debunking the nanotechnology risk myth"

4/18     2 PM -5:45 PM Forum Hall: Floor 4, Palmer Commons

Herbert D. Doan Symposium and poster session

1. Nanotechnology for Molecular Imaging and Image-Guided Surgery by Shuming Nie, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry, Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology

2. Zooming in on Spatial Control of Cellular Responses by Barbara Baird, PhD, Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University

3. Nanotechnology Moves Beyond the Clinic into the Marketplace by James R. Baker Jr., MD, Ruth Dow Doan Professor and Director of the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences

4. Posters by MNIMBS Certificate in NanoBiology and Other Students

Updates to the schedule will be made available in advance via email and the class Google calendar

Other class dates: student presentations and discussion.


  • Let me know in advance if you are unable to attend a meeting or if you have a conflict for the monthly MNIMBS time.
  • Provide 3 recommendations for speakers you would like to see.
  • Provide a written summary of a relevant seminar attended during weeks currently not scheduled. 

Recommended seminars will be forwarded via email, however do not hesitate to let the rest of the class know of any potentially exciting talks/events.  You have *2* excused weeks (does not include scheduled certificate class seminars).



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