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How to become an MNIMBS Member

How To Become a Member with MNIMBS

In order to achieve the desired synergy within this interdisciplinary Institute, we look for membership of Faculty from all Schools and Departments within the University of Michigan who have an interest in nanotechnology for medicine and biological sciences. New members can self-nominate or be nominated by submitting the following to:
Kim Ficaro, MBA – E-Mail: 

  • Your name, title, and formal affiliation(s) at the University of Michigan.
  • Your full contact information, including phone and fax number, and email address.
  • A paragraph on your research interests and how they apply to biologic nanotechnology.
  • A short description of what you will bring to MNIMBS
  • A short Bio for inclusion on our webpages under Members.
  • A digital photo of your self for inclusion on our webpages under Members.

Some members enter MNIMBS membership through collaboration on grants and/or co-mentoring of students with MNIMBS members. Please notify: 

MNIMBS Faculty members are expected to present and/or have their students present at the monthly all-MNIMBS scientific exchange meeting.

To ensure that MNIMBS remains an energetic, participative scientific group focused on multidisciplinary research and education, we ask that all MNIMBS members annually reaffirm their membership.