2015 Publications

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Mukherjee J, Wong PT, Tang S, Gam K, Coulter A, Baker JR, Jr and Choi SK.  Mechanism of Cooperativity and Nonlinear Release Kinetics in Multivalent Dendrimer-AtropineComplexes.  Mol Pharm 2015 12(12):4498-508. PMID: 26485315

Wong PT, Leroueil PR, Smith DM, Ciotti S, Bielinska AU, Janczak KW, Mullen CH, Groom II JV, Taylor EM, Passmore, C, Makidon PE,  O'Konek JJ, Myc A, Hamouda T, Baker JR Jr. Formulation, high throughput in vitroscreening and in vivo functional characterization of nanoemulsion-basedintransal vaccine adjuvants.  Plos One, 2015 May 10(5): e0126120.  PMCID: PMC4427474

Zong H, Shah D, Selwa K, Tsuchida RE, Rattan R, Mohan J, Stein AB, Otis JB, Goonewardena SN. Design and Evaluation of Tumor-Specific Epigenetic Therapeutics. ChemistryOpen 2015 June 4(3): 335-41. PMCID: PMC4522184.

Makidon PE, Smith DM, Groom Li JV, Cao Z, Landers JJ, Baker JR Jr. Effect of Chronic Uremia on the Cell Surface Expression of B7 FamilyCostimulatory Molecules in an HLA-A2 Transgenic Mouse Model of Chronic KidneyDisease. Comp Med 2015 Aug, 65(4) 308—14. PMCID: PMC4549676

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O'Konek JJ, Makidon PE, Landers JJ, Hamouda T, Bitko V, Ciotti S, Lukacs NW, Fattom A, Wojcinski ZW,  Baker JR Jr. Intranasal nanoemulsion-based inactivatedrespiratory syncytial virus vaccines protect against viral challenge in cottonrats.  Hum Vaccin Immunother 2015 11(12): 2904-12. PMCID: PMC5054793

Wong PT, Chen D, Tang S, Yanik S, Payne M, Mukherjee J, Coulter A, Tang K, Tao K, Sun K, Baker JR Jr, Choi SK.  Modular Integration of Upconverting Nanocrystal-Dendrimer Composites for Folate Receptor-Specific NIR Imaging and Light-Triggered Drug Release. Small 2015 Dec 2; 11(45): 6078-90.  PMID: 26476917